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Linux Cheat Sheet

We all know that among all the other OS’ Linux is tough to hack. We may don’t have Linux OS or even we may don’t have a system. But, knowing Linux Commands and its Codes are still useful to us, aren’t they?

You can download Linux Commands(Author Vijay Prabhu) in here and Linux Cheat Sheet in here.

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You can also downloads cheat sheets of C and C++, Java, Python.


Maria Irudaya Regilan J



I am J Maria Irudaya Regilan from Chennai. A programmer who urges to develop new things and think on revolutionary ideas that could change the world. I am not enough good in internet but I am on my effort to stand alone. I am inspired by some great men like Sundar Pichai (a local guy from my hometown), Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk and sorry, I can't tell everyone since the list goes more than I thought. I like to get beaten up by my own projects, because they test my confidence and ability to get up. Follow my blog and stay connected for receiving ideas on programming languages. Have a cup of coffee!!

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