Any of these Programming Languages that you should know


This language got its birth in the year 1991. This language is the important player in the field of Android development. Know this Oracle’s production if you wanna be the champion in android field.



This language is the platform for the people who wants to learn a programming  language. It helps you to understand how memory allocation of a variable works and explains the structure of programming languages.



This language traces back to 1989, and is loved by its fans for its highly readable code. You can learn it easily at the beginning and don’t forget it has variety of real time application.

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This language for programming web sites is incredibly common and so popular and even some estimates say it powers one-third of the web. Big sites like WordPress, Facebook, and Yahoo use it.

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Learn this and you feel so comfortable while working on web. This has no relation with Java. The language which gives you a lot of money $.

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This is the programming language of choice for statisticians and anybody doing data analysis. A magical tool for the people works with data.

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Originally designed by Google to build systems at the immense scale needed to power the world’s busiest search engine, it’s since caught on with developers who value reliability and integrity above all else. It’s one of the fastest-growing programming languages out there, too.go_logo


Like Python, developers like this 24-year-old language because it’s easy to read and write the code. Also popular is Rails, an add-on framework for Ruby that makes it really easy to use it to build web apps. The language’s official motto is “A programmer’s best friend.”



Originally developed by a NASA engineer in the late ’80s, Perl excels at processing text, and developers like it because it’s powerful and flexible. It was once famously described as “the duct tape of the web,” because it’s really great at holding websites together, but it’s not the most elegant language.

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While Apple’s previous issues with Taylor Swift may have made all the headlines, the Apple Swift programming language was winning over developers as a faster, easier way to build iPhone apps. With high-profile fans like IBM, expect it to take off even more in 2016.

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Intended as a mathematical programming language to help teach university students advanced algebra and image processing, it’s also widely used by scientists, engineers, and programmers working in the exploding field of image processing and other artificial-intelligence applications.

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