The TN Board Exams

As we know that our Tamil Nadu Minister of Education has taken various steps to increase literacy rate on the state. As a part of this step, he has announced the borad exam time table for the year 2017-18 before the academic class starts.

Time Table for class 10

March 16 : Language paper I

March 21 : Language paper II

March 26 : English paper I

April 4 : English paper II

April 10 : Mathematics

April 17 : Science

April 20 : Social Science

Time Table for class 11

March 7 : Language paper I

March 8 : Language paper II

March 13 : English paper I

March 14 : English paper II

March 21 : General Mathematics

March 23: Commerce

March 27 : Physics / Economics

April 3 : Computer Science

April 9 : Biology / Business Mathematics

April 13 : Chemistry / Accountancy

Time Table for class 12

March 1 : Language paper I

March 2 : Language paper II

March 5 : English paper I

March 6 : English paper II

March 9 : Commerce

March 12 : General Mathematics

March 19 : Physics / Economics

March 26 : Chemistry / Accountancy

April 2 : Biology / Business Mathematics

April 6 : Computer Science
All the Best for students who are facing board exams.


Maria Irudaya Regilan J


the jrt

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Maria Irudaya Regilan J